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Scars that shape us - Part 4

Job 32

This chapter centres around Elihu, one of Job's friends. Elihu draws Job's challenges Job's opinion that he is without sin and that God is not speaking to him. He exalts Gods greatness and glory to Job, to turn him back to God.

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Scars that shape us - Part 3

We reach the third week in series on the book if Job. Job is a godly and righteous man who’s life is going very wrong. Job also has friends who believe that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people and their comments to Job are not helpful.

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Scars that shape us - Part 2

Job 1 & 2

‘Let’s change the rules’

We continue in our series ‘Scars that shape us’ on the book of Job. So the scene is set, Job is content, successful ,wealthy and he honours God in his life. Now bad things start happening to Job and his family including the loss of his children. What was his reaction? Anger against God? NO. Instead he comes to God and worships Him.

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Scars that shape us - Part 1

Job 1 & 2

We start a new series on the book of Job looking at his life and the trials and temptations he went through.

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Protection from the effects of sin in our lives

Psalm 121

We welcome the Rev Ramsay Shealds as a guest speaker this morning. Looking together Psalm 121 we see how God protects us from the effects of sin in our lives. Do we let fears and worries overcome us or do we trust in the lord for our problems and future? As Christians there’s no promises of an easy life but there is the promise the Jesus will always be with us.

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Sickness, sin and healing

Acts Chapter 3

‘’They are poverty preachers not prosperity preachers’’

Welcome you to our first service of the New Year. This morning we look at Acts chapter three and the subject of healing. It’s the story of Peter and John going to the temple and meeting the crippled man. They have no money to give him but instead heal him of his physical afflictions. In life healing and the need for it brings many questions, what does the word of God say about sickness, sin and healing?

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The power of a good example

Luke 1: 26-38

In the run up to Christmas we look together at a passage in the book of Luke and see the example that Mary the mother of Jesus was in her self sacrifice. God works in our lifes not because we deserve it but because He desires it. As Christians what should our life’s be like? What example should we be to those around us?

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For nothing is impossible with God

Luke 1: 5-17

The passage introduces Zechariah and Elizabeth the parents of John the Baptist. The couple were late in life and without child and had given up hope that it would ever happen. Sometimes God's answers to prayer come in surprising ways after a long time.

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James: Faith that works Part 12

James 5: 13-20

Our big theme this morning is prayer, James tells us about three particular times when we should pray; When you are hurting emotionally, when you are hurting physically, when you are hurting spiritually. What we learn from this is that God uses ordinary people. It’s all about us and we have responsibilities, we have to be bold. The power of Prayer works. Faith works.

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James: Faith that works Part 11

James 5: 7-12

“we are double espresso followers of a decaf sovereign"

Today we reach part eleven on our series on the book of James. Waiting is today’s theme and it’s a part of modern life that we don’t like. We are so used to having things quickly so when the Bible brings us a message of patience and grace and to do things without grumbling or complaining it can be hard to take.

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James: Faith that works Part 10

James 5: 1-6

We are well through our series on the book of James. Today’s study is very challenging it deals with money and wealth. Is it wrong to be wealthy? Can you be Christian and have money? What should our responsibilities and attitudes be to wealth and giving? James gives very clear Biblical teaching on our stewardship of our wealth and time.

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