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Sermons from the past 3 months are listed below. Go to our
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Finding God in the Storms of Life - Part 8.
A study on 1st Peter.

“He died once and for all”

Our series on the book of 1st Peter continues as we enter week eight, 1st Peter 3 18 -22. A difficult passage taking you from Jesus’s suffering through to his ascension into heaven.

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Finding God in the Storms of Life - Part 7.
A study on 1st Peter.

“Are we prepared to suffer for our Christian faith?”

Our series on the book of 1st Peter continues as we enter week seven, 1st Peter 3 10 -16. Many Christians around the world often suffer persecution for their faith, the reading says to rejoice for what is to come.

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John 4:1-14.
“There is a season for every activity under heaven”

In today’s sermon, we’re reminded on how totally dependent we are on God’s provision. How we acknowledge and act upon the Lord’s provision will determine what will become of our future, hence the phrase, “We reap what we sow.” In order to reap a good harvest, we are called to “look,” “pray” and “go” in our journey with God. It is easy to reap a poor harvest due to how easily subjected we are to the troubles of this world, but do not lose heart. For the Lord wants us to be reminded of how much He loves us and how much He has given us. Both rain and sun are required to produce a good crop, and as long as we stay faithful will we be able to reap a good harvest.

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Finding God in the Storms of Life - Part 6.
A study on 1st Peter.

“a God given description of marriage that is consistent with the rest of Scripture”

Our series on the book of 1st Peter continues as we enter week six. 1st Peter 3 1-12. So perhaps a controversial passage in today’s modern culture. How are we to view this text? It's set in early Christian Roman times and speaking to women who have a Christian faith but also have unbelieving husbands. So the message here is not one of inequality but one of living a Christian life as a shining example and witness to the people around you.

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Finding God in the Storms of Life - Part 5.
A study on 1st Peter.

“When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to Him who judges justly.”

In the 5th part of our series of readings from 1 Peter, we turn to chapter 2 verses 11 to 25. Peter calls us to live as “slaves” for the Lord our God. This means that we are to live good lives, yield to authority and follow the Lord’s steps. As we lead such lives, we aren’t to retaliate with worldly actions when confronted with worldly opposition, but respond with the Father’s goodness. Otherwise, we would only be living as “slaves” to the world. It is so easy to be influenced by our worldly troubles, temptations and desires, but if we put the Lord first in our lives, turn to Him in times of hardships and allow Him to influence our lives, then we will be able to live a life full of hope, goodness and love.

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Finding God in the Storms of Life - Part 4.
A study on 1st Peter.

“We don’t just GO to church we ARE the church”

Our series on the book of 1st Peter continues. As we look at chapter two we often think of the church as a building or an organization but as Christians we are the church. Our inclusion is not through our own merits but because we are precious and chosen by God.

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Finding God in the Storms of Life - Part 3.
A study on 1st Peter.

“When God made you, He broke the mould”

Today in part 3 of our series of reading from 1 Peter, we turn to the final verses in chapter 1. The theme of verses 13-25 is being Holy. Peter calls us to be Holy in all our doings, sufferings and praise to our Heavenly Father who is Holy. In order to be Holy, we must remain alert, set our hope on the grace of God, live obedient lives, be respectful to others and act with sincere love in our hearts. Peter then states that it was not perishable, worldly possessions or earnings that redeemed us, but the precious Blood of Christ. As long as we lead Holy lives, our lives will be filled with the imperishable, everlasting word of the Lord.

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Finding God in the Storms of Life - Part 2.
A study on 1st Peter.

“Going to church isn’t just about reading the Bible as an encyclopaedia, but about transforming our lives”

Today in the second part of our series we continue in verses 3 to 12 of chapter 1. Peter reminds us of what God has done for us and blesses us for our continued faith in Him despite our worldly troubles and limitations. Following this he explains why our faith needs to be exercised through suffering, just as the Lord Jesus Christ set out to do for our sake. He then reminds us of how the prophesies of the prophets from the Old Testament were fulfilled through Jesus Christ. Concerning all that has been fulfilled and all that God has done for us, our lives are filled with an inexpressible joy and everlasting hope.

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Finding God in the Storms of Life - Part 1.
A study on 1st Peter.

“Our citizenship is in Heaven”

This is the first in our series on 1st Peter. There are only 105 verses in this book and today we look at the first 2 where we see how God chose us and we are blessed and given a new hope and purpose in our lives.

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The Gospel in under ten minutes.
Genesis Chapter 3

We welcome one of our congregation Anthony Weld-Forrester. Today we look together at a short history of the Bible through the old testament culminating in the story of the Gospel.

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Who Jesus came for.
Isaiah 61 & Luke Chapter 4

We meet together this Sunday morning to look at Jesus’s life. His Ministry reached out to the poor and needy. The world today is no stranger to poverty and as Christians we need to follow in Jesus’s footsteps to care for needy around us.

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Guest Speaker
Genesis 17:1-9 & 15-16
Philippians 4:2-9

Today, we welcome Dusty Dunnet to lead us in our service of worship.

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Guest Speaker
John 4:5-15 & 28-30
Luke 7:1-10

Today, we welcome Ruth Kennedy to lead us in our service of worship. We turn our attention to the story of the centurion and his servant from the verses of Luke 7.

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