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Recorded Sermons

Recorded sermons are available as streaming audio and download from the links below via SoundCloud.

Sermons from the past 3 months are listed below. Go to our
SoundCloud page for the most recent sermons and an archive since April 2016

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Guest Speaker
Genesis 17:1-9 & 15-16
Philippians 4:2-9

Today, we welcome Dusty Dunnet to lead us in our service of worship.

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Guest Speaker
John 4:5-15 & 28-30
Luke 7:1-10

Today, we welcome Ruth Kennedy to lead us in our service of worship. We turn our attention to the story of the centurion and his servant from the verses of Luke 7.

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Do not be afraid.
Joshua Chapter 1

Today we welcome Tom Miller, one of our congregation, who speaks to us on the subject of fear. Joshua is a leader of God's people and the Lord promises to never leave or forsake him or his leadership. Do those promises apply to us as Christians today?

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Seeking Discernment
1 John 4:1-12

“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

As we turn to the scriptures of 1 John in our service of worship, we are called to be cautiously discerning whenever we are met with “genuine and fool’s gold.”

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Romans Chapters 1 & 3

“We get yes faces”

We look together at Romans Chapters 1 & 3 and the message is “grace”. It’s a grace that overcomes sin and heals division, a grace that shines from people’s faces. The grace we enjoy from our God is a free gift, we don’t earn it and we don’t achieve it by doing tasks or simply obeying rules. The challenge to us is not just to be recipients of God’s grace but to share it.

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The story of Nicodemus
John 3: 1-16

“It is God's love that triumphs over everything.”

We look this week at the story of Nicodemus - a Pharisee, a man of the law and in high position but there is a God shaped space in his life. As he listens to Jesus he became teacher turned student.

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”Take Heart“
Isaiah Chapter 7

We look together at Isaiah Chapter 7 and the message is “take heart”. So two short words then, how many times in the Bible are these words spoken? We see through the gospels as we read stores of Jesus healing when he says “take heart for your faith has healed you.” It’s easy to lose heart at times but we have a great God with great plans for his church so we must take heart, we are not alone we have Jesus with us.

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A coffin in Egypt
Genesis Chapter 50
“God where are you?”
We look together at Genesis Chapter 50 and the life of Joseph. In times of trouble where is God? When we can look at the Psalms and the New Testament there is so much love and comfort in God’s word. But when we look at our own lives and our churches are we challenged and committed? Do we just settle for God's comfort or do have great expectations of God and not settle for a mediocre middle of the road Christianity.

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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 25
Matthew 7:24-29
“Build your house on the rock.”
Today in the final entry of this series, we’ve now reached the last beatitude that concerns the foundation of our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. There are only two types of foundations that our houses can be built upon; The Lord’s goodness (rock) and worldly ideals (sand). If we build our relationships on a solid foundation that is made up of the Lord’s goodness, our houses will remain strong when the storms come. If our foundation is built on nothing but worldly possessions, pleasures, etc. that take up more space than the Lord’s goodness, our houses will easily topple when storms come. Storms in our lives are necessary to test our relationship with God and only through Jesus Christ can we pull through.

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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 24
Matthew 7 & Galatians 5
“What about me?”
We're now at the penultimate part in our series on the Sermon on the Mount and this week we look at the subjects of "false prophets" and "fruits of the spirit". Perhaps it's time to take a look at ourselves. As we look at the fruits of the spirit how does it reflect on our actions and walk with the Lord.

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Exodus 32: 19-28 & Acts 2:1-18
The theme of today’s service of worship is centred We welcome one of our members Anthony Weld-Forrester who leads us this Sunday as we look at Pentecost which is celebrated ten days after Ascension Thursday and commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.

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Christian Aid Week Service
Luke 13:10-17
“By His wounds, we are healed (Isaiah 53).”
The theme of today’s service of worship is centred on compassion and the Lord’s call to bring hope to the darkest of places. We start off our morning service by acknowledging and contributing to the work that Christian Aid has been carrying out to help rebuild lives where disaster and destruction are prevalent. Following this, we look into and reflect upon four of the stories of Jesus’ healing; a man born blind (John 9), a man with leprosy (Luke 5), a woman loosing blood (Luke 8) and a woman crippled with arthritis (Luke 13).

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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 23
Matthew 7: 7-14
“Ask, seek, knock and enter”
We're now at week twenty-three in our series on the Sermon on the Mount and today we are looking at how God expects us to ask in prayer and it will be answered in God's time, to seek the kingdom of God and you will find it, to knock at the door and it will be opened, enter by the narrow road which will lead to eternal life.

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