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Recorded Sermons

Recorded sermons are available as streaming audio and download from the links below via SoundCloud.

Sermons from the past 3 months are listed below. Go to our
SoundCloud page for the most recent sermons and an archive since April 2016

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 5

Psalm 29

“We need to achieve this unchanging mission"

It's week five of our series on the Psalms. Today we look at Psalm 29. David’s Psalm describes the power of God’s word as like a storm or fire. And as we actively read and meditate on the Bible the Lord can have a powerful effect on or lives too.

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Anthony Weld-Forrest

Today we welcome Anthony to lead us in our service of worship.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 4

Psalm 23

“The Lord is my shepherd you cannot loose your relationship with God"

Today we looked at Psalm 23, one of the most famous psalms which offers great comfort and security in our Christian lives.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 3

Psalm 19

“God has spoken"

We reach week 3 on a new series on the book of Psalms. In Psalm 19 we see how God speaks to us through creation in all it timeless beauty and wonder but God also speaks to us through his Word and in this fallen world we look to the bible as a perfect hand book for life.

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 2

Psalm 13

“How long, o Lord?"

As we continue with our reading from Psalms, our focus shifts onto chapter 13. In this Psalm we find David worn out and discouraged after being almost killed by King Saul and his soldiers. It is a Psalm of feeling abandoned by God, which was a prevalent feeling throughout many moments of despair in the Bible and it applies to many Christians today. Despite this troubling time, David still kept his faith in the Lord by praying, trusting, rejoicing and worshipping.

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John 3

”am I a good roll model?"

We take a short break from our new series on the Psalms and welcome the Rev Ramsay Shields who this week speaks to us on the book of John 3. The passage could be considered a spiritual health check. What are our priories? How do we use our lives to serve God and grow in our faith? What do we allow our eyes to see and mouths to say?

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Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire Part 1

Psalm 1

“blessings come not only from what we do but also what we don’t do”

We start a brand new series for 2019 on the book of Psalms titled “Psalms Songs and Poems on Fire” So where better place to start than Psalm chapter one. In six short verses Psalm one looks the kind of life that pleases God, how we should build our life’s on the word of God and how God watches over us.

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Jonah 2:7-10
Daniel 2:20-23
2 Chronicles 20:15-23

In our last sermon of 2018, we welcome Jo Forester to lead us in our service of worship followed by Anthony’s reading and Alex’s prayer of intersession.

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The with-us God part 3

”Jesus light of the world for your dark day’s"

We continue with the final part of this pre-Christmas miniseries. From Genesis “let there be light” throughout scripture light is good, used to describe things from God and of God. In the dark days of life Jesus encourages, guides, and restores us.

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The with-us God part 2

“God speaks to us in ways we can understand”

We continue on our pre-Christmas miniseries on the genealogy of Jesus with the question how near is Jesus? So how far then? As we look through the scriptures we see the stories of those who traveled great distance’s to meet Jesus but our Lord is just one step away all we need to do is reach out to him.

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The with-us God part 1

Matthew 1:1-16

Today we start a new series on Matthew; this begins with the genealogy of Jesus. The birth of Jesus is a new beginning, and fulfils God’s promises.

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The Bible in its entirety.

Today is an unusual service as this time, instead of focusing on one or two chapters in the Bible as is customary for each service, our focus is on the Bible in its entirety. We look into the 7 most impactful moments in the Bible starting from Genesis 1 all the way to Revelation 22. In general, the 7 most important moments are as listed:
1) God creates everything
2) Rebellion against God
3) God calls Abraham
4) God gives them a king
5) Message of Hope
6) Birth of the Church
7) The final part.

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Finding God in the Storms of Life - Part 11.
A study on 1st Peter.

“run to Jesus”

1st Peter chapter five is where we find ourselves in our series on the book of 1st Peter . Words of wisdom are given by Peter to the leadership of the church and they encourage a life of service and humility.

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