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The Holy Spirit in our lives
“Do you think that this Spirit led, Spirit filled life is possible for you?“
We have a fun packed service this morning divided into two parts the first section is made up of activities and videos from our kids club earlier this week. In the second part we settle down and spend some time looking at the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

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Mark Chapter 10 v 32-34 and 46-52
Today look’s at the new START for Bartimaeus, how his faith brings Jesus to cure his blindness.

Seize the moment.
Turn from your fears.
Announce your faith.
Receive God’s grace.
Take the next step.

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Guest Speaker
1 Corinthians 16:15-24

“If we want to be part of the visible church, we have to show our love to the Lord…and it must be seen.“
Today we welcome our guest minister, Dusty Dunnett, who will be leading us in worship for today’s service.

Today’s topic concerns the “Visible” Church of the Lord. From time to time we may spend precious time with our Heavenly Father in private, which is of course important for our own personal development and relationship with God. This is what can be called “the Invisible Church”, and sometimes we prefer to keep it that way. However, God also calls us to be a part of the “Visible Church.” This means that our precious time spent with the Lord is made known and shared with others, thus spreading the Hope, Love and Salvation that is graciously offered by our loving Saviour.

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Guest Speaker
“An advertising announcement to the disciples“
We welcome back one of our members Anthony Weld-Forrester for a second week who brings us a message on the Holy Spirit. The work of the Holy Spirit in our life’s is an ongoing process He convicts us of sin but does not condemn us and turns us into living advertisements for a walk with God.

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John Chapter 9
We welcome Anthony Weld Forester in our service of worship today.

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Answering Life’s Hardest Questions: Part 10
Ecclesiastes chapter 12
"Remember your creator"
The study of the book of Ecclesiastes comes to its conclusion as we look at chapter twelve. The chapter continues in the theme of the whole book and reflects on life. It urges us to embrace the lord and enjoy the walk we have with him and there’s no better time than the present.

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Answering Life’s Hardest Questions: Part 9
Ecclesiastes chapter 11
"There’s a enormous gap between the life Jesus offered and the life we are living"
The study of the book of Ecclesiastes continues as we look at chapter eleven. Solomon opens up the question about life being unpredictable. We do not know what lies ahead so should we play it safe or be adventurous and take risks? There is no way to be a faithful servant without being bold.

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Answering Life’s Hardest Questions: Part 8
Ecclesiastes chapter 9 v 1-12
"Realities of Life"
There is a section of the recording missing due to technical difficulties.
Reality number one is the absolute sovereignty of God, whatever happens in life we can trust in the sovereignty of God. Reality number two is the absolute certainty of death, Solomon reminds us that we all have one destiny. Reality number three is the absolute gift of life, enjoy life make the most of every day.

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Guest Speaker
Revelation 3:14-20
1 Corinthians 1:1-9
“The Church is wherever God’s people are praising, seeking and loving.“
We welcome our guest minister Alan Dunnett to lead us in our service of worship. Today we learn just how the Church works, the many forms it takes and how it affects our lives.

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Answering Life’s Hardest Questions: Part 7
Ecclesiastes chapter 6
“How do we live our short lives?“
As we continue with our study in the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon looks at different aspects of life. There’s a tough side to life and we should value it, it is usually the more difficult times in life that shape us. There’s a tempting side to life and we should avoid it, patience is better than pride, don’t be quick to anger, and don’t always be looking back. There’s a spiritual side to life and we should embrace it, wisdom is a shelter.

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Answering Life’s Hardest Questions: Part 6
Ecclesiastes chapter 5:8-20
“How much money is enough?“
As we continue with our study in the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon asks us what we hope wealth will bring; more satisfaction or significance. What wealth really brings; more worries and responsibilities. What does God want me to do with my wealth; be grateful and be generous. As we reflect on these points, we should ask ourselves what would Jesus say to us.

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Answering Life’s Hardest Questions: Part 5
Ecclesiastes chapter 5:1-7
“Would I rather be at my own home, or be with the household of God?“
As we continue with our study in the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon challenges us in four aspects of our lives; how we listen, how we speak, how we respond and how we worship. As we carry out those challenges, not only would they benefit our own well being, but also reflect the character and essence of God.

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Answering Life’s Hardest Questions: Part 4
Ecclesiastes chapter 4
“Where is God when bad things happen to good people?”
The study of the book of Ecclesiastes continues as we look at chapter four. So then another difficult question that we face in our everyday Christian lives as we look at the world we live in. Ecclesiastes looks at the bigger picture where the Lord will bring justice, where the church is not a bunch of lonely people but a community of people joined together in Christian fellowship supporting and encouraging one another.

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Answering Life’s Hardest Questions: Part 3
Ecclesiastes chapter 3
“If you love God then there are things you must hate.”
The study of the book of Ecclesiastes continues as we look at chapter three - its theme is timing. Throughout our lives we have many seasons and challenges but if we only acknowledge our God in the good times we miss out on so much. This chapter is a great guide to walking with God throughout our all the times of our lives.

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Answering Life’s Hardest Questions: Part 2
Ecclesiastes chapter 2
“I discovered three million web pages starting with the word happiness.”
The study of the book of Ecclesiastes continues as we look at chapter two. Its theme is finding happiness. So no pressure then! It’s one of life’s greatest questions and in chapter two Solomon lists his efforts to achieve happiness which included building projects, money and life’s pleasures. These however yield no lasting satisfaction and are ultimately described as meaningless. Once again we see that Ecclesiastes shows a contrast of a world with and without God and a hope of salvation.

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