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Recorded Sermons

Recorded sermons are available as streaming audio and download from the links below via SoundCloud.

Sermons from the past 3 months are listed below. Go to our
SoundCloud page for the most recent sermons and an archive since April 2016

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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 7
Matthew 5:1-9 & Ephesians 4:29-32
“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”
In today’s reading from the Sermon on the Mount, we look at the 7th Beatitude, PEACE. We can break down the word into the following:

P - Plan to take the initiative.
E - Empathise with the person.
A - Attack the problem not the person.
C - Cooperate as much as possible.
E - Expect those relationships to be restored.

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Unity in our church. Moving with one mind (homothumadon).
Ephesians 3
“the opposite of love is laziness“
We welcome one of our church members Anthony Weld-Forrester who is leading this Sunday morning. Looking at Ephesians chapter three we study the importance of unity within the church.


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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 6
Matthew 5:8
“it’s a paradox if you think you have a pure heart when you don’t”
We are at week six in our series on the Sermon on the Mount. Verse 8 “Blessed are the pure in heart” Our prayer should be "create in me a new heart", then our hearts will be made pure when we admit to God our failings and weaknesses.

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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 5
Matthew 5:1-12
“grace means that the red carpet should be rolled out for everyone”
We are at week five in our series on the Sermon of the Mount. Looking at the topic of mercy and forgiveness in our lives and relationships. We see the examples in the teachings of Jesus. The question is when we see how loving and forgiving the Lord is in his relationship with us can we do likewise in our relationships?

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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 4
Isaiah 55:1-2 & Matthew 5:1-6
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”
Today in our series we look at both books Isaiah and Matthew. Our focus is on the 4th beatitude, hunger. We all may long for all kinds of success and pleasure in this world, but such things are only temporary and will only leave us dissatisfied at the end of the day. However, in contrast to our worldly hungers, God has promised that our spiritual hunger WILL be satisfied. By talking to Him, listening to Him and giving to Him, we are guaranteed eternal satisfaction.

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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 3
Matthew 5: 1–12
“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”
In today’s sermon in our series, we look again at Mathew chapter 5 verses 1 – 12. This time we focus on the 3rd Beatitude; meekness, which means power under control. It's easy to get so worked up under difficult circumstances, but as long as we have meekness in our hearts we can handle difficult situations just as Christ would handle them. A few examples being;
When someone disappoints you, be gentle not judgemental.
When someone disagrees with you, be tender but don’t surrender.
When someone corrects you, be teachable not unreachable.

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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 2
Matthew 5: 1–12
“I am less than the least of all Gods people.”
We are underway with our series on the Sermon of the Mount. This week in part 2 it's a study on Matthew chapter 5, the Beatitudes. We look at how often it's when we are poor in sprit or struggling in our lives that God's presence and power can work powerfully in our walk with the Lord.

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"We might ask ourselves why do these things not happen today?"
Luke chapter 7
Today we welcome our guest minister, Dusty Dunnett, who leads us in worship for today’s service. We look together at Luke chapter 7. The passage studies Jesus as he lived amongst the people and how it brought God's presence into the situation. Jesus healed, forgave sins and preached powerfully. Is God’s presence amongst us today in our lives, churches and relationships?

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Mountaintop Insights for Down to Earth Relationships Part 1
Matthew 4:17 – 5:3
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.“
Today is the start of our new series of Bible reading from the book of Matthew, where we study about the Sermon of the Mount. Our reading starts off at chapter 4 v 17, when Jesus first started setting out to gather his disciples and heal the sick. When we reach the first few verses of chapter five of Matthew, we are introduced to the Sermon on the Mount. From these verses we are reminded just how blessed we all are in God’s sight. We also learn that this blessing is something only God can give, is independent of our circumstances and is to be a continuous experience.

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The Holy Spirit in our lives
“Do you think that this Spirit led, Spirit filled life is possible for you?“
We have a fun packed service this morning divided into two parts the first section is made up of activities and videos from our kids club earlier this week. In the second part we settle down and spend some time looking at the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

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Mark Chapter 10 v 32-34 and 46-52
Today look’s at the new START for Bartimaeus, how his faith brings Jesus to cure his blindness.

Seize the moment.
Turn from your fears.
Announce your faith.
Receive God’s grace.
Take the next step.

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Guest Speaker
1 Corinthians 16:15-24

“If we want to be part of the visible church, we have to show our love to the Lord…and it must be seen.“
Today we welcome our guest minister, Dusty Dunnett, who will be leading us in worship for today’s service.

Today’s topic concerns the “Visible” Church of the Lord. From time to time we may spend precious time with our Heavenly Father in private, which is of course important for our own personal development and relationship with God. This is what can be called “the Invisible Church”, and sometimes we prefer to keep it that way. However, God also calls us to be a part of the “Visible Church.” This means that our precious time spent with the Lord is made known and shared with others, thus spreading the Hope, Love and Salvation that is graciously offered by our loving Saviour.

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